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Remixes and mashups

For my electronic music, I use Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Reason, Recycle and some interfaces of my own design, including this:

My formal music background is in jazz. I’ve played with several groups and vocalists as a guitarist. I used to have an octet that did originals and arrangements of Beatles and Björk tunes.

I also have some background in country, blues and folk. For a while I played mandolin, harmonica and baritone guitar with Andy Friedman & The Other Failures.

Film music

My most recent thing is my first computer animation gig, a thesis project called “The Voyage” by Ben Fox.

Theater music

I’ve composed and performed in various productions, most recently in NYU’s production of Hair.

Music teaching

I’ve taught guitar, mandolin, harmonica, programming and sequencing, sampling, production and recording, and music theory. Right now I’m mostly just teaching guitar.

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