The Revenge Of The Nerds band

As I mentally prepare for my Revival Revival show tonight, I find myself thinking about the scene in Revenge Of The Nerds when they perform their talent show:

Gilbert with a Roland CR-8000 drum machine around his neck! Lamar and Wormser doing the robot dressed as Michael Jackson! Booger dressed as Elvis! If the Lambda Lambda Lambda/Omega Mu was a real band right now, imagine how huge they’d be. The kids love eighties retro. These guys would probably be opening for Lady Gaga, or maybe the other way around.

It occurs to me that the vibe I’ve been working towards all these years is pretty similar to this one. I can’t promise anything this visually arresting at our show tonight, but performing live guitar and vocals over a prerecorded track is exactly what we’ll be doing.

Some of the comedy in this movie hasn’t aged well, but the soundtrack has. I’m particular fond of the song “One Foot In Front Of The Other” by Bone Symphony, which plays under the “fixing up the house” montage. Eighties!

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    • I think the real revenge of the nerds is right here on this blog. Hey, did you know that Booger provides the voice of Snot on American Dad?

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