Junto trios

In the past three weeks, thanks to the magic of the Disquiet Junto, I’ve participated in the creation of three musical trios with six strangers from the internet. Here’s a family tree of the nine tracks we all did:

Junto trios

Artist names are in black, “part one” tracks are in blue, “part two” tracks are in red, and “part three” tracks are in green. We followed Marc Weidenbaum’s prompts for part one, part two, and part three. Hear all the music we all made below.

In week one, I made this track:

In week two, Euclidean~~~ added a second part:

And in week three, High Tunnels added the third part:

Meanwhile, in week one, moduS ponY made this track:

In week two, I added the second part:

And in week three, Paul Lusch added the third part:

Also meanwhile, in week one, Mark Lentezner made this track:

In week two, Daniel Diaz did the second part:

And in week three, I did the third part, resulting in my favorite track of all three of my collaborations:

You can read about Marc’s own experience of part two and part three. All I have to say about it is that The Junto is the best thing for musical creativity on the internet and you should join it without hesitating.

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