Live at apexart

This past November, I had the privilege of performing in the fourth Disquiet Junto concert of 2012 in the apexart gallery.

We each did two pieces, one  connected to the apexart exhibit “As Real As It Gets,” organized by Rob Walker. The other musicians performing were Arcka (Shawn Kelly), Brian Biggs, Kenneth KirschnerTom Moody, and Roddy Schrock with Joon Oluchi Lee.) See videos of all of the performances here.

The project for the evening involved making music made from the sound of field recordings of large-scale retail spaces, and that music was intended to approximate the mechanistic fury inherent in Zola’s novel Au Bonheur des Dames(1883), which was a touchstone for the overall exhibit. More on the exhibit and event at Walker’s column and here, and at Over at, Geoff Manaugh wrote some kind words in advance of the concert.