I can’t breakdance. I want to learn. It looks like fun. When I worked for the Parks Department I was involved in their afterschool programs. One of them met in the Alfred E Smith Recreation Center in the housing project of the same name. In the basketball gym, Roc-a-fella (the b-girl, not the record label) and her crew taught classes. Some of the people were beginners, and some were advanced Jedi masters. One guy could spin on his head while nonchalantly taking off his jacket. I watched some of those classes and felt as happy as I’ve ever felt watching other people do anything.

Here I’m going to collect some breakdance media and see if any thoughts emerge. Your suggestions welcome.

Beat Street

Grandmaster Flash spins in Wild Style

Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo broom dance

Here’s a fan video someone did, Michael Jackson breakdancing in slo-mo to Nite Lite by Yo Gotti.

Anything else I should see?

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  1. Just the other week I watched (on Netflix Watch Instantly) a movie called Planet B-Boy. It’s not historical, but rather about the global breakdancing competition in Germany in 2005. Just an okay documentary, but a real interesting look into more contemporary and global versions of breakdancing.

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